Our Brands

Our Brands

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Cedar Meats

The original Cedar Meats brand has become synonymous with quality mutton, lamb, goat and veal worldwide. The evolution of Cedar Meats has led to the introduction of additional brands to support and communicate our individual product ranges.
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Jimba Premium Quality Lamb

Linking directly to our Australian heritage with ‘Jimba’ being the Indigenous word for ‘sheep’, it was the first additional brand we offered. Already well placed in Europe, USA and Japan, Jimba continues to gain momentum as Australia’s leading lamb brand.
southern pride lamb

Southern Pride Premium Lamb

The lush land of southern Australia has always been renowned for high quality lamb. Grazing on natural grasslands only, these lambs are truly a pure product from this pure environment. The ‘Southern Pride Premium Lamb’ brand continues to uphold the high standards that customers have come to expect from Cedar Meats.