Our Premises

Cedar Meats is strongly focused on continual improvement with much emphasis placed on reviewing procedures regularly and keeping the production standards at the highest possible level.

The Cedar Meats operations take place in our state-of-the-art premises. Our slaughter floor is wide, open and ultra-efficient in design. The floor design lends itself to the two-knife production system which is paramount in retaining our EU license.

The processing room boasts 4 separate production lines designed for the varied production. A premium lamb line, a saw cutting line, a frozen lamb and mutton line, and finally, a bobby veal production line. These dedicated lines enable ultra efficiency in processing to the highest quality standards.

Finally, our boning room and chillers that are linked to a sophisticated 24/7 monitoring system compliment our already impressive plant. Efficiency and high quality processing are paramount to our operations here at Cedar Meats, and our premises are purposely designed to promote both.